It was here in Waikiki Beach where former Olympic champ Duke P. Kahanamoku grew up.  He was able to launch a massive campaign in order to revive Waikiki’s surfing activities; this made him a famous personality in the dawn of the 20th century.  It was his passion for the sport and the ancient Hawaii which gave him inspiration for his works.  Surfing was first invented 200 years ago by the monarchs and chieftains.  For the Hawaiians, sport and tradition was an important part of their culture.  And just like Taekwondo is a symbol of South Korea, surfing is the popular representation of Hawaii.

As Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop and King Kamehameha III are famous icons in the Hawaiian Islands, so is Duke Kahanamoku.  He was given much credit for his unwavering efforts to promote surfing not only in Waikiki Beach and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, but also all over the United States of America.  He is also well known as one of the greatest swimmers of all time.  Kahanamoku was able to snatch three gold medals in the Summer Olympics, in which the people of Hawaii were absolutely proud of.  Waikiki is now well known as the smallest island to produce an Olympic champ!